Community Action Plan

Strathnairn Development Company (SDC) has the pleasure of announcing the publication of Strathnairn’s Community Action Plan (CAP). This is the first version of the CAP. Future versions will be published when there is a need to update the plan. 

SDC is grateful to The Strathnairn Community Benefit Fund (SCBF) for funding the work to create the CAP. We would like to thank the consultants, IHI, who were commissioned to carry out the work needed to produce the plan. We also would like to thank the Advisory Panel, a temporary community group formed from  Strathnairn community organisations that helped to guide the consultants in their task. And finally, our thanks go to all the community members who contributed their views via the community survey carried out in September/October 2021.

It is essential that community members appreciate that the plan is not in the ownership of SDC, but the whole of the Strathnairn community. The plan is an expression of what the community thinks are the priorities, and its thoughts on how they should be pursued. Neither is the CAP the final word on developments in the Strathnairn community. It is important to understand that the CAP is not cast in stone. Like any good plan, it must be flexible enough to deal with changes in the community’s opinions, events external to the community, and the unexpected. So the CAP is to be reviewed at regular intervals to make sure it remains relevant to the community.

SCBF alone cannot provide enough funding to develop the community, and one of the principal reasons for creating the plan is to help secure funding from other organisations outside Strathnairn. To be effective, we need to demonstrate that the plan has the community’s support.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by email or social media. Below are answers to some questions you may have.

What is a Community Action Plan, or CAP?

A CAP describes what the community wants to achieve and what activities will be required over a certain time period. A CAP becomes a framework for implementing the ideas that have been put forward by the community.

OK. So Strathnairn has a CAP. Er … what now …?

The CAP still needs further views from the community. Large scale community meetings, that are typical, during the process of creating a CAP were not possible due to COVID. So it is the intention to hold public meetings to explore further some of the proposed projects and how to implement them, to give space to other ideas not yet expressed in the CAP, and for the community to offer support for the CAP.

So please read the CAP summary, and if you have time the full CAP. Share your thoughts with us by email or social media, or prepare some thoughts for the community meetings to begin in late summer, and into the autumn. Dates for meetings will be announced in the near future.

Where can residents read Strathnairn’s CAP?

Both the CAP summary and the full CAP are listed at the foot of the documents section of SDC’s website. Feel free to download them.