About the survey

We’ve provided some information below on completing your survey form. Please read it in conjunction with the information given in the preamble on the survey form itself.

1. The open nature of many of the questions may seem unusual to you, and very different from surveys you have completed in the past. The reason for this is simple – the CAP is community-led – and so all of you are to free to tell the consultants whatever is on your mind. The questions are therefore worded to allow you to respond with the right information, but not to tell you what to think about as much as possible. Some examples have been given, these are meant as prompts, to spark ideas. In normal times we would have held some consolation events (hopefully these may happen yet!) where we could have bounced ideas about and helped each other. 

2. While the CAP will consider how to obtain appropriate funding, these challenges are considered by the consultants and the Advisory Panel. It is therefore unnecessary to consider these challenges in your responses. Funding streams from various sources may be useful to help fund projects in the future. 

3. Responses to the last four questions are optional. However, responding to these questions does allow the consultants to identify areas where responses are low, and to take action to boost responses. Strathnairn covers a fairly large area, and different areas are likely to respond differently about the challenges they think the community faces. So providing at least a postcode allows the CAP to channel any appropriate funding to the right areas. In addition, should you think that challenges the community faces could be solved by making use of rights, such as Community Right to Buy or similar, then providing a postcode becomes very important as such legislation requires one.

SDC recognises that while none of these questions can be considered as personally-identifying information in themselves, they can be personally-identifying when considered together. For this reason, all raw survey data is passed to the consultants, unread by anybody in our community. The consultants will use that data to develop the CAP, and are contractually obliged to destroy it once their work is complete. As part of the final CAP, SDC will be given survey data. However, the consultants are contractually obliged to process the data so as to ensure that there remains no link between the responses to the above questions, thus ensuring that you remain anonymous.